Aromatherapy Diffuser

AROMATHERAPY NEBULIZING DIFFUSER This diffuser is designed for quick delivery of aroma for relaxation of respiratory system, is widely acclaimed and recommended by European and American aroma therapist as well as pulmonologists, also accredited by the UK IFA and the EU ECO-CERT. Making use of two physics principles: Bernoulli’s hydrodynamics (space shuttle launch mechanism) and the Lenard’s ionization effect (waterfall-generated ions effect), this diffuser can completely disperse essential oil to the surrounding air. Needless to add water, no heating, no combustion required, hence the natural organic state of essential oils can be maintained and therapeutic quality aroma be effectively delivered. Under room temperature, by virtue of gas vibration atomization principle, the natural organic composition of the essential oils can be atomized and dispersed effectively, releasing billions of active particles, which decomposed rapidly in the air forming intense negative ionic state aroma. Therefore, this unique diffuser is the most effective unit available in the market today, can produce a longer lasting aroma covering a much wider space. Naturally is the best choice for aromatherapy. Besides, this non heat source diffuser is safer to use

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